Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Favorite Event

The hiatus from major - such as blog writing -  conference activities is now over and it's time to ramp up preparations for the 2014 conference, 2015 and 2016 too!  Contracts will be going out soon to the teachers for 2015.  Someone who has increasingly been requested by attendees to be part of our faculty has a scheduling conflict with us for 2015 but we are on her calendar for 2016!  Yep, that was a teaser and you'll have to wait to find out!
While we've talked about the future, let's visit the past - to the 2013 conference's Show & Tell.  It is  is one of my favorite events during the conference.  Each quilt, top or block is a surprise with some being simple and some complex while showcasing the immense talent among the group.  So sit back and enjoy Show and Tell as we did in September.

Pam Geiser starts us off with a beautiful quilt.  Don't you love the filigree in the borders?
"Baltimore Autumn", a Pearl Periera design is exquisitely done by Leanne Hurley.

Unfortunately I don't have the name of the designer of this lovely rose quilt created by Donna Derstadt.

On a whimsical note, Rosalie Divelbiss shows a Halloween work in progress.
This is Nancy Kerns' adaptation of the Australian "Auntie Green" quilt with the quilt's medallion surrounded by oodles of hexagons.
Nadine Thompson took her Auntie Green quilt one step further with the next set of borders.
Roseann Cocherell completed a block from Rita Verroca's rose quilt.
Applique doesn't have to be done on a white or off-white background.  The peaceful blue background is perfect for an album of Baltimore blocks by Rita O'Connor.
Rita's quilting is superb!
Diane Wilson shows a lovely urn quilt.
For Broderie Perse fans, Delores Miller has created a masterpiece.
Tiny applique by Dorothy Roderick.
You can't tell it from the photo but all the circular flowers are yo-yo's by Joan McKinley.
Linda Noble arranged her blocks in a diagonal set which is very eye-catching.
Dawn Vandentoorn used various Sue Garman blocks to create a wonderful red/green sampler quilt.
We don't discriminate against piecing!  Kathleen Ronnebaum, who is my extremely valued assistant, doesn't applique but is a piecer extraordinare.
More Broderie Perse with piecing in this outstanding quilt by Marilyn Murphy.
Unfortunately the photo is a bit fuzzy with Linda Scheer's jacket of embroidered Baltimore Album blocks.  There were more blocks on the back of the jacket.
Attendees are always encouraged to bring finished blocks from previous years' classes.
Becky Higgins shows "A Flowering of Friendship" from a Nadine Thompson class and "Blue Urn" from Nancy Kerns.
Pam Steele brought 3 finished blocks:  "Magical Spring" from Nancy Kerns, one of Rita Verroca's Roses and "Hugs and Kisses" by Jeanne Sullivan.
And last but not least, Kathy Pease with "Green Cornucopia" from Nancy Kerns' class.
From large to small, blocks to completed quilts, piecing and applique, Show and Tell at the conference is breath-taking, motivating and inspirational.  We all just want to get back to our stitching!  I can't wait to see what 2014 brings us!
Until next time,
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